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How CPA Marketers make money online in Nigeria

 How  CPA marketers make money online in Nigeria

."Hey guys today I am going to show you how to make 200 dollars with cpa marketing  using nothing but free traffic"

  Lol.....sounds ridiculous right?.

Well, if you are familiar with youtubers (especially if you've followed a couple of Nigerian youtubers in the past), you  must have come across sentences like the one above.

  But the question is; how do cpa marketers really make money in nigeria?.

When i first started doing cpa marketing and before i had a massive breakthrough in lead generation, I struggled with traffic.

 I  knew that traffic was the  one thing stopping me from achieving my "dreams" .

 I knew that if only I could get people to see my  offers, my life would change for better.

After several attempts( which I mostly failed) and through my own personal research, i realized that cpa marketing isn't that hard and

 as a matter of fact, i am going to reveal how cpa marketers make money in  Nigeria, then at the end of the day, you will come to realize that making money with cpa marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money online.

  Before I proceed, let me briefly explain what CPA is:

The acronym CPA is widely known in digital marketing to stand for "cost per action".  It is the revenue generated when someone completes and action on a site.This action could range from submitng your email address, submitting your mobile number, filling a form, zip code submit,

e.t.c .

   These are all actions that the advertiser wants you to perform when you land on his site.

 CPA marketing is  one of the most profitable online business you can ever think of.

 Why?.....well it's pretty obvious isn't it ?.

   You can earn anywhere from 1 to 2 dollars per offer and if you can  just get 100 people to complete a two dollar offer, trust me you would be cashing out a whooping $200  cash( no stress).

  That is why bloggers choose it each time they are ready to monitize their site.

  With that being said, how do you start cpa marketing in Nigeria?

I am going to work you through all the steps involved:

1.Chose a CPA marketing network:

  There are so many cpa marketing networks out there and each of them differ from one another in terms of thier features.

   However here are some things you need to consider when choosing a cpa marketing network:

1. How easy is it to join?

2. Is it available in all countries?

3. Do they have high paying offers?

4. What is the withrawal method?

5. What is the payout rate ?

   As a beginner, i strongly recommend going for cpagrip.

They have a very responsive user interface, it pays through payoneer which is available in Nigeria and also, you can withdraw weekly.

  You can checkout other networks like cpalead, adworkmedia, maxbounty e.t.c .

2. Choose  and offer: 

 After you've created and logged in to your cpa marketing account, scroll to where you have different offers and choose one.

Pro tip: 

 Avoid Nigerian offers as well as other African countries if you can.

Go for U.S offers instead.

This is because countries like U.S have high paying offers and they convert well too.

3. Promote your offer:

Inother to make money with cpa marketing, you need traffic most definitely but today I am not going to tell you all the cliche' stuff you already know about and if you've read till this point of the article, congratulations because  I am going to  drop some nuggets for you right away.

  This methods are proven to work and if you implement them, you would begin to churn in a decent amount of income in no time.

 Buckle up and let's go!!!!


A) The underground facebook method:

This  is a very powerful hidden method that can make you  up to $100 daily only if you follow the steps I share.

 Also, don't feel discouraged because I am not going to tell you to make a post on your timeline, post in groups e.t.c.

  Instead, you are going to utilize facebook direct messaging feature.

 The first thing you need to do inother  for this to work, is this;

 Go on Facebook and search for a group related to your niche or offer.

  Let's say you are promoting a tacobell gift card, go on Facebook and search for tacobell groups, join as many groups as possible and after that, begin to chat with the members of those groups privately.

  Your first message shouldn't be about your CPA offer but after introducing yourself, you can say something like:

"hey I just found this amazing tacobell gift card and it works. You should probably try it"

   The person would respond with:

" ok I'm in".

Then after that, you send your link.

Now remember, in CPA marketing, you only need to get emails, zips, mobile submits e.t.c inother to get paid.

  That's where the magic comes in. 

 Each person you message, will have to go through the

 sign up process and when they do, you get paid. That's all(easy)

  One thing I want to point out though is that facebook will not let you post affiliate links(they hate  it).

  So the way around that is to build a landing page with google sites and include your affiliate link inside.

  You will need to send the link to your landing page instead.

B) Instagram viral method:

The power to make something go viral is definitely a tool you need to have as a digital marketer.

 Once a content goes viral on the web, trust me there is no limit to which you can reach. Viral content brings more eyeballs to your offer which in turn brings more clicks and eventually, more conversations.

  Research has shown that certain type of content tend to do well than others and at this point i know you are probably asking, "what kind of content go viral on social media" so to answer your question let me give you a clue.

 I call this " The instagram viral traffic method".

 Years ago, I used this particular method to generate thousands of dollars within a short period of time and this is how you can replicate the process:

Step 1, Choose Niche:

 For this example, we will use health and beauty.

 What we are actually aiming at is doing a giveaway but relax, you are not going to buy anything.

 I will tell you how to do this giveaway without spending a dime.

Step 2:

 Go on google and search for the hottest product in your niche because that's what we will use for the giveaway.

Step 3:

Create a Nice looking instagram page and fill it up with nine nice looking pictures related to your niche (you can use other people's instagram photos if you like but make sure you tag them and give credit).

Step 4:

Go to your cpa marketing network dashboard and create a dope ass! content locker.

 Now, if you are not familiar with what a content locker is, you should know that content locking is  the process of restricting a particular content so that people would have to complete a CPA offer before they can access it.

 In this case what we are going to lock is an entry page for our giveaway.

Step 5:

Put the link in your bio

Step 6:

This would be the mastermind behind the viral effect.

  You are going to make a post telling people about your giveaway and also tell them to share the post with their friends.

 Here is a script you can use.

However, make sure you tweak it to fit into your niche:

"In 2 weeks time, our company will be giving away two kyle jenner face spray. To qualify for this giveaway please do the following:

1.Like, comment and tag 3 friends

2.Visit the link in our bio"

  So I'm guessing by now, you are beginning to get the idea.

You are telling people to engage with your post and you are also telling them to notify others so they can also participate.

Step 7:

Follow all the verified accounts in your niche and whenever they make a post, comment and tell people about your giveaway.

  *Note: try to be among the first three people to comment on any of thier posts.

  When you do this, your comment will be seen by thousands of people.

C.) Tiktok videos: 

Tiktok's  growth has been on the uptrend lately.

At the time of making this post, tiktok gets about 1.2 billion active users every month.

 Really that's more than enough people for you to market your stuff to even if you are doing CPA marketing.

 Tiktok is currently the rave of the moment when it comes to underground traffic methods.

 If you get on it now, you get a chance to reach a very engaging and active audience. 


Free traffic is good but it could take a lot of time and effort to build a high quality traffic system which will always convert.

 That is why i  have put together a list of websites to buy traffic from.

 Feel free to experiment till you find the one that soothes you most.

1.Google ads (recommended)

2. Infolinks


4. adfly

5. Popads.net


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