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How to make money online as a teenager: full comprensive guide(2021)

 How to make money online as a teenager: Full comprehensive Guide

Whether you need some extra pocket money, a side gig, some money to take that hot girl on a date(winks) or you are just tired of being dependent  on your parents.

   There is always something out there to help you make a couple extra bucks so that you can meet your needs.

 You've searched all over and i know how hard it is to make money online as a teenager (how can i not know?. I started my online business when i was about your age).

I know you have to deal with age restrictions and all that.

 Also a lot of people are telling you "no chap, you too young for that"  but, the harsh reality is that no age is too young to become financially independent.

Lucky for you, you finally decided to go online and search, then you landed on this page.

 I have to say, you've come to the right place because i am going to show you different income streams to help you start making money online today.

  I made a random list.

Some of them are really easy to do  while others may require a little bit of work, but they are all legit ways to make money online as a teenager anyways.

How to make money online as a teenager: 10 surefire ways that work


  1.)Join "paid to sites" :

These are sites that actually  pay you to perform simple tasks.

 These tasks are not complicated at all because you can seamingly include them in your daily routine.

 Of course you won't make something substantial from one website but when you combine up to  five sites, you should be on your way to making up to 50 dollars a day.

 Here are some sites to start making money right away:

Pico workers


Micro workers

Inbox dollar



Amazon mechanical turk

Easy shift

Crowd flower

2.) Make money completing Online paid surveys:

Ever used a product and wondered "danm I would really love to tell the manufacturers what thier product feels like"?

  It happens most times. Maybe you'll love to give a feedback to "Nike" telling them how the new pair of sneakers you purchased online  didn't fit or how they started to wear out on the first week of purchase.

 Companies are always looking for feedback from customers so as to improve thier brand and overall service.

  And they don't mind paying huge sums of money to hear the opinions of customers.

 That's where you come in.

 Currently there are tons of websites that are willing to pay you for your time.

  This websites serves as an intermediary between consumers and big brands.

 Here is a list of some of those sites:

Swag bucks

Survey junkie

My points


Vindale Research


Branded Research

3. Make money dropshipping

Dropshipping is a total game changer.

 This business model has produced countless  millionaires.

 What's more interesting is that all you need is your laptop and a determination to succeed.

 So what's dropshipping:

It is an online business model where you get to outsource products, sell them and ship them to thier respective buyers without having to phisically touch the products.

 Pretty cool right?

Yeah it sure is. 

  You can start dropshipping right away by signing up with shopify which is quite easy to use.

 Shopify helps you set up a professional E-commerce store in minutes and there are thousands of youtube videos out there to help you  begin this life changing journey. 

4. Start a print on demand business:

Do you love making cool designs?

 If yes here is how you can turn your passion into a profitable online business in split seconds.

  Dropshipping with Etsy is a cool way for teenagers to make money online because, unlike shopify, it has no  signup cost.

  Print on demand is a form of dropshipping which focuses on selling custom designs printed on mugs, hoodies, T-shirt, Cardigans, socks e.t.c. 

  To begin, you will need a printful account:

Printful is where you will make all your creative designs.

  Printful is also used to create mock-ups for your designs with ease.  It literally takes seconds to create a mock-up with printful.

  The next step is, connecting your printful account to an E-commerce store.

  You can  use shopify, amazon, et.c but i strongly recommend Etsy because it's free.

 You only pay a percentage when you make a sale.

5. Sell shout-outs on social media:

It's time to put your social media accounts to work.

 People out there are constantly looking for fame and publicity

 They  want to reach more people and expand their following.

  You can help them achieve this and also make some money by doing so.

 You don't need to be  Kim k or Kyle Jenner famous.

  A thousand followers is enough to start.

  Start today by charging 5 bucks each for every account you promote.

 As your following grow, you can increase the amount.

6.Become a freelancer online:

  You can render services to people such as logo design, video editing, writing e.t.c and get paid.

 A good platform to start your freelancing journey is fiverr.

 You can also checkout people per hour and upwork. These also are amazing platforms.

7.  Become a freelance writer at clearvoice.com :

   Clearvoice  is an amazing platform for freelance writers.

 If you have a nack for writing and would love to showcase that talent of yours to the world, clearvoice is worth giving a shot.

 To join clearvoice freelancers, go over to thier site, signup and complete your profile.

  You would only be allowed to join the team of freelancers when your profile is up to hundred percent.

8.) Become a contributor in online forums:

   I know of people who make cool cash from just posting in online forums.

 Online forums can be a great place to be. They make you feel part of a community and you can also make close to 200 dollars a month by just participating in these forums.

  There are so many forums today that are willing to pay people to curate content for them.

 Here is a list of such forums:


bearmoney forum


9.)  Crypto currency "Hodl" :

  Ever thought of investing in crypto currency hut became very skeptical?

  Well, I want to assure you that  investing in crypto currency is not as difficult as you think.

  As opposed to investing in normal stocks, you don't need to be an expert to make money from crypto currency.

  As a matter of fact, the most common way to make money with crypto currency is to buy a particular set of coins . Let's say Bitcoin and keep it till the value increases.

  This process is known as "holding" 

We all know that the value of a currency over another fluctuates overtime, so crypto currency is definitely not an exception.

  To get started with crypto currencies, you will need a "wallet"

 This is where you will store all your assets.

as your skill and expertise in the world of crypto increases, you can add to your portfolio.

  Below is a list of notable wallet providers:





Electrum wallet

Exodus wallet

10) Become a YouTuber:

Contrary to what everyone might think, you don't need  expensive gears to become a YouTuber.

  You can always start with your phone.

Pretty sure there are a bunch of mobile applications  out there to help you edit and create awesome videos.

  Furthermore, when it comes to YouTube, one thing you should note is, it all boils down to consistency and not how extremely dope your content is. 

Although good content matters a lot, people will love you more if you keep giving them the content they want to see.

  What's that interesting routine you'll love the world to see, do you  know how to do stuff( a little  bit of tech), are you funny e.t.c 

  You can make videos around the things you love and earn a living from it.

Start out small, and who knows you might end up quiting the "9-5".


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